A home should be a safe place for you. How can window security film help make your home more secure? It has many protective benefits. Did you know that home insurance companies rate window film along with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, as one of the home features to lower premiums? You are probably aware of the energy efficient benefits of window film. The ability to let in natural light while blocking harmful UV rays which saves money on the energy bill. However, the product is much more powerful than that. It protects the windows during crime, severe weather, and other accidents.

Here is a breakdown how window security film works for your home:

  1. Protection from Severe Weather- When you turn on the news, you can see the devastation and loss that severe weather causes across the country. When a tornado, hurricane, or violent storm hit broken glass is the number one cause of injury. The rain and flying debris can cause glass to break, the window security film keeps the glass in place which lessens the damage and destruction.
  2. Crime Prevention- Even with the best security system, a criminal can break in through the windows, the most vulnerable point of entry in the home. Window security film coats the windows and doors making the glass impermeable. It cannot be shattered even with a heavy object which deters the criminals and they move on to an easier target. You can sleep better at night knowing that your windows are protected with window security film.
  3. Lessen Risk of Injury- Your family, especially children and pets need to be protected in the home. Engineered with powerful adhesive, the window security film keeps shattered glass in place in case of an accident. This lessen the risk of injury even death that can happen with a baseball flying through the window.

The window security film is the best product to increase the safety of your windows which in turn improves the safety of your home. We know that the safety and comfort of your family is your number one priority. The window security film performs in many different ways to guarantee that your windows are no longer vulnerable to severe weather, crime, and injury. Even in the event of an accident, the shattered glass will not go flying preventing serious injuries. The powerful adhesive in the window film will keep the glass intact even when hit with a heavy object. The fact that windows and doors are the most vulnerable points of entry in a home should convince you that window security film is the right product for your home. The energy efficiency, UV protection, improved aesthetic look are great benefits but nothing compares to the peace of mind that the protection of the window security film delivers.

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