We are Solar Tint

High Quality Window Film products installed by the best, industry-certified pros.

Who We Are

Solar Tint was founded in 1979 to provide an extensive line of window films for commercial, industrial, government, residential and automotive settings. With more than 39 years in business, we are proud to be the premier 3M dealership serving the Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, and Kentucky regions. Conveniently located in these locations, we are more than able to service all of the surrounding areas. Our focus is to provide the best quality window films that improve and enhance the performance of glass with superior customer service.

Solar Tint is a 3M Platinum Large Commercial Certified Authorized Window Film Dealer, one of eight in the Country. We specialize in specifying, creating and installing window tinting. Our sales staff is trained to help you evaluate and educate you on the best film type for your needs. Our graphic designers can help you create anything that you can imagine. Our certified 3M installation department has the experience to provide you with the best application, ensuring the manufacturer’s warranties are in force upon completion. At Solar Tint, we strive to give all of our customers the very best quality service and window films!

CALL US NOW: CINCINNATI (513) 829-8818 | COLUMBUS (614) 721-0175 | DAYTON (937) 310-7627 | KENTUCKY (859) 746-1000

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