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Cincinnati Commercial Security Window Film

How can commercial security window film in Cincinnati OH help your company? At Solar Tint, we know that you want your employees to feel safe, and you want your company assets to be protected.

Believe it or not, 3M security window film in Cincinnati OH can provide you with the extra measure of confidence you need to make sure your company’s facilities are managed with efficiency and safety in mind.

Solar Tint has been providing window tinting services in the Ohio and Kentucky areas since 1979, so we are your provider of choice for the best commercial window tinting in Cincinnati OH. Let us show you the benefits you can realize with the help of our window tinting services.

How commercial security window films in Cincinnati can help your business

Why do you need commercial-grade 3M Security window film in Cincinnati OH? Our security film can provide you with:

  • Weather protection to hold glass together during storms (i.e. falling limbs)
  • Crime protection by preventing quick smash-and-grabs through your facility’s glass
  • Graffiti management because our film repels various types of paint and ink
  • Extra confidence that your employees and property will remain safe in case glass breaks – it’s held together with up to 14 millimeters of security film

Our film is securely anchored to the glass using proprietary Cincinnati security window tinting technology. Not only does the film add a measure of safety to your facility’s glass – it also helps save on energy costs and achieve higher GSA ratings.

At Solar Tint, we offer security films, decorative privacy films, and sun control options that are designed to save you money and give you peace of mind. Let us show you how commercial security window film in Cincinnati OH can provide you with extraordinary benefit. Contact us today to learn more.

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