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Cincinnati Home Window Tinting

You want a comfortable, attractive home with the added benefit of energy savings — that means you want professional Cincinnati home window tinting.

If you have been dealing with high heat and glare in your home, and you are looking for the perfect solution to fight harmful rays and glare, you deserve high-quality residential window films in Cincinnati OH.

Here at Solar Tint, we offer a wide array of 3M™ residential safety and security films that are designed to protect your home and maintain your comfort.

How our Cincinnati home window tinting can help your home

Many of our clients are struggling to maintain the quality of their home furnishings, carpets and more, while keeping their energy costs low – uncoated windows simply do not do the job of keeping out harmful UV rays.

However, our clients also want a home with tint that is unobtrusive and attractive. Would you believe that Solar Tint can deliver both? Our residential window films in Cincinnati OH are available in low-color options that block up to 99 percent of UV rays and lowers the heat in your home by 60 percent or more, all while allowing in 70 percent of visible light.

The benefits of installing 3M window films in Cincinnati

Window films installed by our experts in residential window tinting in Cincinnati OH are designed to evenly disperse light that can increase the heat in your home and potentially damage your furniture. In addition, these films can improve the privacy in your home, preventing outside parties from being able to peep in through your windows.

Solar Tint has been providing 3M residential film installation since 1979. We are one of only eight companies in the nation with the 3M Platinum Large Commercial Certified Authorized Window Film Dealer designation, making us your choice for Cincinnati home window tinting. Contact us today to learn how you can get started on your residential project today!

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