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Cincinnati Office Building Window Tinting

If you want to make your clients and workers comfortable in your office building, think about installing office building window tinting in Cincinnati OH.

There are many types of commercial window film in Cincinnati OH but there are a select few that actually deliver real value for your money.

At Solar Tint, we provide the highest quality commercial 3M window films, which improves glazing system performance, reduces energy consumption and enhances safety and security. Solar Tint is one of the best certified dealers of commercial window film in Cincinnati OH.

Why you need office window tinting in Cincinnati OH

When employees are comfortable in the office, they tend to become more productive, which positively affects the performance of your operation. You need office building window tinting in Cincinnati OH for the following reasons:

  • Reduce glare: Window tinting reduces glare, allowing employees to view their computer screens without experiencing eye fatigue.
  • Minimize solar heat: Windows are the main culprits responsible for building hot spots. The window tint we provide reduces heat gain and also heat retention. You can expect a 2 to 16 degrees reduction in temperature.
  • Save money: Window insulation tint helps reduce the need for air conditioning, which means electric bill reduction by 2 to 12 percent.
  • Tax deduction: Duke Energy is paying customers $1 per square foot of glass covered in Cincinnati. You can cash in on these savings!
  • Safety & Security: Commercial window tinting in Cincinnati OH is also a way for you to protect your building. The film repels graffiti artist ink, eliminates quick smash-and-grab access through the glass and holds the broken panes in place when the window breaks.
  • Block UV rays: The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause damage to wood furniture and more. But window films prevent these harmful rays from getting through.

Another advantage is that you can have your brand logo, name or other decoration added on the window film. Our graphic designers can customize the appearance of the tint to your liking. We have been premier providers of office building window tinting in Cincinnati OH for decades. Call us today at (513) 829-8819 for a free consultation.

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