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Cincinnati Residential Privacy Window Film

If you haven’t already heard about the many benefits of Cincinnati residential privacy window film, then it’s time to listen up! Window films are sometimes used as residential decorative window tint in Cincinnati and they can look great while still being incredibly functional.

Whether you are looking for residential decorative window tint in Cincinnati, or traditional window tint, Solar Tint is here to help you. Our company was founded in 1979 and has been providing an extensive line of window films for government, industrial, commercial and residential settings, in addition to automobiles, since then.

Benefits of privacy window tinting for homes

You may think that the only benefit of window tinting is to protect you and your family from prying eyes walking or driving on the streets. But there are other benefits of residential privacy window film in Cincinnati like:

  • Reduce heat and glare: Window tinting reduces heat and glare that enters your home. This helps you save money on air conditioning and heating bills.
  • Safety and security: Window films provide safety and security because they deter vandals by holding glass together and delaying, or stopping, their entry into your home. It also holds glass together, minimizing flying shards if your window breaks during severe weather.
  • Decoration: If you want to add some character to your boring windows, then you should consider installing decorative window film for your home. You can also use them on shower doors, bathroom windows and even on kitchen cabinets.

From graphic design to decorative film installations

It is not rare for clients to approach us with the request to add the decorative films to their walls. This is convenient when you want a quick decoration on your wall that doesn’t have a funny smell or take time to dry. Our graphic designers can work with you to come up with a design that you will love.

One thing most of our clients appreciate is that window tints and decorative films can be installed in your home without disrupting your daily routine. We are always ready to help you learn more about residential privacy window film in Cincinnati. Call us now at (513) 829-8818.

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