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Cincinnati Residential Window Insulation Film

If you are wondering where you can get quality Cincinnati residential window insulation film, Solar Tint is ready to assist you. You should know that indoor window insulation for residential areas can greatly enhance the comfort levels of your home.

Solar Tint’s primary solution for indoor window insulation for residential environments is the 3M Thinsulate Home Window Film. We have been providing such solutions for various clients for more than 38 years. Our high quality residential window films improve and enhance the performance of glass.


What is insulation window film and why do you need it?

Window tint is a special coating made of micro-thin layers of film combined with high performance coatings that bond to the surface of glass. It is a low-cost, high energy conservation solution that puts money back into your pocket. Below are reasons why you need high quality Cincinnati residential window insulation film:

  • It reduces solar heat that comes shining through your windows by roughly 75 percent
  • It reduces the glare from the sun that can cause eye fatigue
  • The film holds the glass in place when a window breaks, and this helps prevent injury
  • It protects your family and belongings from harmful ultra violet (UV) radiation from the sun
  • In some cases, you can receive a tax credit for installing energy efficient window films
  • They will help reduce your energy costs and are much cheaper to install compared to replacement windows

Installing insulation window films for your home

One of the main reasons some people are afraid of installing window films is because they think they will darken the interior of their homes. The truth is that window films maintain the natural colors of the interior spaces of your home while lessening the need for curtains, blinds and shades.

Solar Tint is one of the few companies that can provide you with the best window insulation film in Cincinnati, Ohio.

We also provide high quality outdoor window insulation for residential purposes and decorative residential window insulation film in Cincinnati OH. Call us today at (513) 829-8818.

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