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The best UV blocking window film in Cincinnati OH is now available at Solar Tint. Our team has been providing the best sun blocking window films in Cincinnati OH for a long time, and we always deliver a great finished product.

Solar Tint is a 3M Platinum Large Commercial Certified Window Film Dealer. Our quality window films improve and enhance the performance of your window pane glass. We also have superior customer service that is ready to listen to you and help you get what you need.

Solar Tint is the only 3M™ Authorized Window Film Dealer and Applicator in the Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton and Kentucky regions.

Why 3M films are the best sun blocking window films

Our products are considered by many to be the best UV blocking window film in Cincinnati OH for the following reasons:

  • They effectively control the climate: Your commercial or residential building has its own mini climate. Our window films help keep the warmth in during winter and maintain a cool climate air during the summer.
  • They increase efficiency: Did you know that 30 percent of all the energy used to heat and cool homes in the U.S. escapes through the windows? 3M window films are a low emissivity — or “Low-e” — window film, which enhances the insulation value of a normal single pane window close to that of a double pane window. This saves you a lot of money on energy costs.
  • Maintain appearance: 3M films are virtually invisible, which means they do not change the look of your windows. They are sometimes called UV protection film for windows because they provide UV protection. By blocking UV rays, they help reduce fading of furniture, upholstery, window treatments and hardwood floors.

Other benefits of sun protection window films include protecting the window from graffiti ink, window pane shattering and protecting your eyes from sun glare. The fact that our films are affordable and are of high quality means that they truly are the best UV blocking window film in Cincinnati OH. Contact us now at (513) 829-8818 to learn more about them.

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