Ceramic Window Tint for Cars

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If you are looking for beautiful, effective tint for your windows in Cincinnati, OH, then you should highly consider ceramic window films that are custom-fitted to you car and provide leading UV blocking technology.

With a wide variety of window films for cars available on today’s market, many folks make the argument that ceramic tint is the most high-end, effective solution for both residential and commercial buildings, in addition to automobiles. Our Cincinnati staff at Solar Tint does not disagree — we provide this solution for our clients, in addition to a wide range of other UV blocking window film.

Benefits of Ceramic Window Tinting your Car

As an authorized 3M dealer, Solar Tint brings the highest quality products to our wide range of clients. This includes ceramic window film for cars, homes and commercial buildings. The following is a brief rundown on what ceramic tint is all about, and why so many people are falling in love with it.

  • This form of UV blocking window film in Cincinnati OH does not contain any metal. Tint that features metal can often interfere with signals for things like cell phones, GPS systems, radios and more.
  • Ceramic tint is very effective in limiting the solar heat that enters your home, building or vehicle. At the same time, it allows maximum natural light to enter, so, you get the best of both worlds (avoid hot spots while brightening a room).
  • Also, ceramic tint fends off 99 percent of UV rays, which can damage the interior of your home, building or vehicle.

Solar Tint is the only 3M™ Authorized Window Film Dealer and Applicator in the Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton and Kentucky regions.

UV Blocking Window Films: an Automtive, Commercial, and Residential Solution

While stock window technology has improved over the years, there’s still a drastic need for better and more consistent UV-blocking functionality. This is across all three facets of automotive, commercial, and residential. Using leading 3M films for our ceramic tinting, you’ll find up to 99% reduction in the UV Rays that penetrate stock windows .

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