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Cost-effective Window Tinting in Columbus OH

Cost-effective window tinting in Columbus OH is now available thanks to the friendly staff at Solar Tint. Since opening for business back in 1979, we have worked closely with residential and commercial clients that wanted to protect or decorate the windows and interior glass of their homes, offices, commercial buildings and automobiles.

Thanks to evolving technology, there has never been more options available to our clients in terms of window tint. From our energy efficient window film in Columbus OH to our decorative options that mimic the look of sandblasted or acid etched glass, we have something to meet every need.

Clients gravitate to our cost effective window film because it offers two general, but distinct, benefits. They include:

  • Aesthetic benefits: Energy efficient window tinting can enhance the look of your windows and interior glass. From providing that rich, shaded look to creating custom decorative glass, the team at Solar Tint can help you find a solution that improves the look and curb appeal of your home, commercial building or automobile.
  • Functional benefits: The way that our cost-effective window tinting in Columbus OH looks is only a small part of the overall benefits that come with our service. With the right window film, you can fend off UV rays, limit solar heat that enters, reduce glares and even more effectively manage the climate on the inside of your home or commercial building.

These benefits are only possible when you lean on trusted experts. Solar Tint is proud to offer energy efficient window film in Columbus OH that offers these, and other, benefits.

With our careful, guaranteed installation work, you can trust that your film will perform optimally. Plus, we are one of the most affordable services available — we invite you to shop around and compare prices!

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