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Columbus Glare Reduction Window Film

Natural light doesn’t have to be an enemy, especially with the right glare reduction window film in Columbus OH. Here at Solar Tint, we specialize in providing a wide variety of window films for commercial buildings, homes and automobiles.

Tint has many functional benefits, from filtering out damaging UV rays so they don’t penetrate the window to limiting the solar heat. Another clear-cut benefit is eliminating glare from the sun.

We have anti-glare window tint in Columbus OH that is manufactured by industry-leader 3M. In fact, we are one of the only authorized 3M dealers in the region, selling these high quality films and installing them according to manufacturer specifications.

Where can glare control window film come in handy?

Glares from the sun can be a problem in a variety of settings, including:

  • Offices and commercial facilities: This is where important work gets done — often, that work is done on computers. If the sun is beating in your windows, it can greatly disrupt this productivity. Our glare reducing window tinting films softens the natural light and eliminates the glare.
  • Homes: The harsh sunlight that beams through untreated windows can be just as big of a problem for homeowners. Imagine trying to watch some TV, work on the computer or simply navigate your Smartphone when unfiltered sunlight is creating a major glare on all of your screens. Solar Tint can help with our glare reduction window film in Columbus OH.

When you work with Solar Tint to find anti-glare window tint in Columbus OH, and have it installed, you can trust a savvy team of technicians will make quick, efficient work out of your project.

We guarantee our work and provide peace of mind that it will last the test of time. Talk to our staff about our glare reduction window film in Columbus OH and we can provide you with a free estimate on your project.

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