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Office Window Tinting in Columbus OH

Businesses of all kinds are in constant pursuit of cost savings and with office window tinting in Columbus OH from Solar Tint, you can put a little padding on your financial bottom line.

Solar Tint specializes in providing commercial facilities with a wide range of window film products. Our commercial window film in Columbus OH is manufactured by 3M, a leading name in the industry.

Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting for Office Buildings

With the help of our savvy team, and our commercial window tinting in Columbus OH, your business is able to achieve cost savings in a variety of ways.

  • Energy efficiency: This is the big one. Windows are considered a soft spot in regards to keeping your building properly insulated. With our office window tinting in Columbus OH, you can reinforce your windows so that it traps the warm in during the winter months and deflects solar heat during the hot season. This spares your HVAC system from having to work overtime to regulate the climate in your facility.
  • Potential for tax credits: With office building window tinting in Columbus OH, you might be eligible for certain tax credits that are designed to reward businesses that are mindful of limiting their carbon footprint.
  • Added security: We have commercial window film in Columbus OH that is shatter-proof. This is a great added security measure to thwart “smash and grab”-style robberies or even protect your windows, and everyone inside your building, from flying debris during a storm.

On top of all these functional benefits, Solar Tint provides solutions that look great, as well. You are able to enhance the curb appeal of your building while inviting floods of natural light into the interior.

When it comes to office building window tinting in Columbus OH, we have many different options. We’d be happy to show you our line of 3M films and help you make an informed decision based on the needs of your commercial building.

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