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Solar Tint would be happy to serve as your trusted security window film installer in Columbus OH, outfitting your home or commercial building with the solutions that accomplish your needs.

We work with a wide variety of clients that opt for window tinting because they like how it looks and they enjoy the functional benefits. Tinting can play a huge role in keeping the interior climate of your home or building comfortable while managing energy costs. With 3M, the safety & security films we install also provide climate control capabilities, helping keep your property secure and reducing energy costs. Ultimately, at the end of the day your safety is priority number one, which is why we strongly believe in the installation of these security films in commercial, residential and automotive environments.

Safety & security window films for any setting

Safety & security window films by 3M are suited for many different applications. Solar Tint installs these high quality films in almost every setting. This safety window film in Columbus OH is great for:

  • Commercial settings: Whether you own a retail store, traditional office, or an educational building, reinforcing the exterior windows, or interior glass, of your facility provides an added layer of security from would-be thieves. Our security window film holds together when someone, or something, attempts to break in.
  • Homes: As a professional window film installer in Columbus OH, we can personally attest to the effectiveness of our security films within homes. Not only does it protect from potential intruders, but our films hold up to storm damage, keeping everyone inside safe.
  • Vehicles: These same principles apply to cars and trucks. As your safety & security window film installer in Cincinnati OH, we can bring safety and security to your vehicle’s windows.

Solar Tint is an authorized 3M dealer, meaning that we provide the highest quality films and solutions currently on the market. Our staff can work closely with you to, first, analyze your needs and then select and product and service to match.

Don’t let your windows serve as a soft spot in your home or building’s security. Utilize our team as your professional window film installer in Columbus OH and reinforce your windows and interior glass.

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