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Welcome to the home for the best UV blocking window film in Columbus OH. Here at Solar Tint, we are one of the only authorized 3M dealers in the region, providing this industry-leading collection of products for both our residential and commercial clients.

If you’re looking for the very best sun blocking window films in Columbus OH, then you simply can’t go wrong with our selection of 3M films. Our team of experienced professionals can apply these films to the windows of your home, commercial building and vehicle to achieve a nice aesthetic appeal, but also to deflect harmful UV rays.

Why invest in UV protection film for windows?

Many men and women don’t hesitate to put on sunscreen when they go outside. They know that the sun’s harmful UV rays can cause damage to their skin. So, why should it be any different with your windows?

With our sun protection window films, you can shield the inside of your home, building or vehicle from these UV rays. Untreated windows will allow this force to flood inside and damage anything it comes into contact with.

Have you ever seen furniture, upholstery or flooring that sat in the path of untreated sunlight? The UV rays can cause fading and general wear and tear. You don’t have to deal with this — our best UV blocking window film in Columbus OH is the answer.

Solar Tint — your source for the best sun blocking window films in Columbus OH

The team at Solar Tint is ready to show you how you can block away UV rays while still welcoming in floods of natural sunlight to your home or building. Anything you want out of your windows, we’re confident we can handle it.

Protect everything inside your home or building with the very best UV blocking window film in Columbus OH. Consult with Solar Tint.

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