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Dayton Anti-Glare Window Films

If you hate sitting down in front of a computer or television only to be blinded by a bright glare from the sun, then it is time to consider Dayton anti-glare window film. The team at Solar Tint is ready to help meet your needs!

3M Anti-Glare Window Film Technology

Solar Tint has remained on the cutting-edge of window tinting innovations every since we opened for business back in 1979. Technology associated with window films has advanced throughout the decades, providing our team with the ability to accomplish more for our clients.

Our glare control window film in Dayton OH is a great example. With our 3M collection of window films, we have a solution that allows you to welcome natural sunlight into your home, office or commercial building without creating annoying glares on screens and throughout the room.

With our glare reducing window tinting films, you can eliminate glares from things like:

  • Computer screens
  • Television screens
  • Flat, shiny surfaces (floors, counter tops, etc.)
  • Smartphone screens
  • Metal objects
  • And more

With our glare reduction window film in Dayton OH, you can get more work done and also spare yourself from the visual stress that comes with this annoyance.

A true leader in glare reduction window tinting

Our team not only specializes in anti-glare solutions, but we have tinting services that meet all needs — from heavy duty security films to decorative films that mimic the look of sandblasted, etched or stained glass.

You can consult with our team about your needs and we’d be happy to make some suggestions for you. We also want to show you how affordable our glare reduction window film in Dayton OH can be, so we always throw in a free, no-obligation estimate.

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