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Dayton Energy Efficient Window Tinting

Energy efficient window tinting in Dayton OH will reduce heating and cooling costs for your home or business. You want to preserve a clean look for your exterior and keep a clear, non-colored view from your interior and Solar Tint’s energy efficient window film will accomplish those goals.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a vintage bungalow or a brand new high rise — our cost-effective window film in Dayton OH can be easily applied to any type of window and interior glass to improve the look and energy efficiency of your interior environment. 

Cash in on energy savings!

Solar Tint’s energy efficient window tinting in Dayton OH is the perfect solution to reduce energy costs. These savings can range from 5 to 15 percent, which can represent a significant savings.

Ohio weather can often be extreme — heat waves in the summer to sub-zero temperatures in the winter require energy saving solutions such as those provided by Solar Tint’s cost-effective window film in Dayton OH.

Tint that meets your home or building’s needs

The experts at Solar Tint can answer any questions you have about the possible impact of our cost-effective window tinting. Films and tinting can be applied to allow in the light you require or desire. We can do a nearly blackout application with zero light transmission to a nearly invisible application that allows in up to 80 percent of available light.

The outward-facing surface will reflect light to protect your interior from sun damage and to prevent heat build up. The inward-facing surface can reflect heat back into your home during cold months to save as much of your heat source as possible.  You won’t have to worry about damage to glass or seals. Our applications are safe for your windows and glass and are often covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Find out more about Solar Tint’s energy efficient window tinting in Dayton OH by browsing our website and request your free estimate. Our well-trained sales staff will assist you in evaluating your needs while our experienced installation staff assures a seamless application that fulfills manufacturer warranty requirements.

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