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There are a multitude of ways that residential 3M window films and home window tinting services can add value to homes in Dayton OH, inside and out. When it comes to energy savings, safety improvements, and even beautification, residential window films can meet your needs — and Solar Tint provides a wide range of options.

Benefits of Residential Window Tinting in Dayton OH

Ohio enjoys a four-season climate with temperatures and weather ranging from the beautifully mild to dangerous extremes. Solar Tint has solutions to:

  • Reduce the sun’s glare and heat in the warm months
  • Retain warmth during the cold months
  • Help keep glass from shattering if a window is broken
  • Provide privacy on bathroom windows, shower doors and other interior glass

It is natural to love a home filled with light. We tend to install windows that allow us to bring the outdoors into our interiors. Without the protection provided by residential window films in Dayton OH, we run the risk of doing damage to our beloved possessions, such as art and photos on the walls or heirloom carpets and rugs.

If you have ever moved a rug that has been laying in direct sunlight for years, you’ve probably noticed the fading and difference in color. Solar Tint has the Dayton home window tinting and films you need to provide protection from those damaging UV rays.  Our company works with 3M-manufactured films that are clear and do not obstruct or color your view of the outside world.

Explore our wide range of Residential 3M Window Films

Along with the protection provided to your interior, our tinting and films reflect back the glare of summer sunshine to keep your home cool and reduce those potentially enormous summer electric bills.

Our applications work during the coldest months as well, radiating the interior heat back into your living space rather than allowing heat to escape through windows and glass doors.

Our Dayton home window tinting services also provides an extra layer of protection against the dangers of shattered glass. If you are interested in talking about the ways Solar Tint’s services can protect your home, connect with our team.

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