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Solar Tint has 38 years of experience in providing the best Dayton thermal window films. Ohio experiences extreme winter weather including large snowfall accumulations and long stretches of low temperatures, high winds even the dreaded “polar vortex” conditions.

You need the best insulating window film in Dayton OH to protect your family from the intense cold and provide a warm interior environment.

If you are wondering what insulating window film for winter is, and what it can do for your living space, Solar Tint can answer a few common questions and concerns.

  • Thermal window film for winter is made up of multiple micro thin layers of film combined with adhesives that bind to the window or glass door surface. This provides increased protection against winter weather heat loss.
  • This layered film has metallic coating to reflect your heat back to the interior to reduce heat loss and energy costs during the cold winter months.
  • You will notice greatly reduced cold spots near windows in homes or larger glassed-in commercial areas. Solar Tint installs the best insulating window film in Dayton OH that is abrasion resistant to insure years of a clean, beautiful appearance.

Benefits of 3M Thermal Window Film

Solar Tint’s best thermal window film in Dayton OH ensures all those benefits, however, there’s more. Beyond the financial savings that a well-insulated window treatment can provide, you may also be eligible to — depending upon your project or home — recoup money via tax credits and insurance premium reductions.

Creating energy efficiency is an achievable goal when you work with the experts at Solar Tint and there are agencies that have developed financial strategies to reward that type of forward thinking and planning. Our professional sales staff and graphic design team can give you the information that allows you the greatest opportunity to save money over time when you schedule your installation.

Our best thermal window film in Dayton OH is enhanced with increased safety from shattered glass and glass shrapnel. Connect with us for a free estimate and see how we can save you money and energy during cold Ohio winters.

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