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Dayton UV Blocking Window Film

For the best Dayton UV blocking window film, turn to the solutions offered by our staff at Solar Tint. Since 1979, we have specialized in a wide variety of window tinting services.

Over the course of these decades in business, we have seen just about every innovation this industry has had to offer. We pride ourselves on carrying the very best products — that’s why we chose to become authorized 3M dealers. Thanks to this partnership, we offer the best solar control window films in Dayton OH.

UV protection film for windows that help you avoid to common problems

Whether you’re looking for protection for your home or a commercial building, it’s important that you avoid allowing unfiltered sunlight to come flooding through your untreated windows.

Sun blocking window films are necessary because, among other benefits, they stop two primary problems that come with natural light.

  • Ultraviolet rays: These harmful rays can fade the colors in your window treatments, flooring, furniture and anything else that is directly in the path of the sunlight. We offer the best UV blocking window film in Dayton OH that deflects 99 percent of UV rays, so you don’t have to worry about this damaging force.
  • Solar heat: Unfiltered sunlight can also heat up the interior of your home or building. With our best solar control window films in Dayton OH, you can also avoid this fate, which, in turn makes your building more comfortable and cuts down on energy consumption.

These benefits are only possible when you utilize the right film and have it installed according to manufacturer specifications. Solar Tint offers both.

Let us show you the best UV blocking window film in Dayton OH and how affordable it really is. Consult with our team — we can provide you with a free estimate.

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